Learning Disability Support

Aapna Learning Disability Day Service is run 5 days Monday-Friday from 9 am till 3 pm, by our qualified and bilingual staff, who provide high quality person centred care and support to our client group.

We have mixed ability group above the age of 18. They are given different choices and are encouraged to make their decisions on a day to day basis. We make certain activities integral to their care that promotes and enhances their independent living skills. Their dignity and privacy is always respected. Staff support them around their person centred plan with their personal and social care needs.

A wide range of Leisure, Recreational, therapeutic and informal educational activities are provided while they are in our care, which includes :-

  • Art/Crafts Activities- where they make hanging decorations, seasonal cards, shopping bags and cushions to sell.
  • Hair and Beauty session for girls, where they are pampered by having different hair styles, hand massage and having nail painted. Boys enjoy having hand massage too and their own personal grooming sessions.
  • Indoor/outdoor sports activities are carried out on a daily basis. All service users take part in house exercise sessions.
  • Academic Session- our client group do the money recognition skills to become more independent and confident while handling the cash. They are encouraged to use the real money for small purchases on behalf of the centre. They also do Literacy/Numeracy, on computers and notebooks.
  • Baking session is enjoyed every Friday
  • Our in house catering, where halal food is provided by experienced kitchen staff, according   to their dietary requirements.
  • Social inclusion- We make sure that we involve our service user in various activities which could be going to a pantomime, visiting Knyren stage show or going to a seaside for fish and chips. They love going out to do shopping, visiting Museums, Library and to a local park for a picnic.
  • Healthy life style is promoted by encouraging them to preparing a healthy menu for themselves.
  • Group enjoy listening music, watching Hollywood/ Bollywood movies on regular basis and dancing to bhangra music.
  • One of our main attraction is having well equipped sensory room, where service users can relax and enjoy listening to soothing music, touching and feeling the sensory stuff.
  • Once a week on every Wednesday evening, parents are provided with evening break where staff take the clients for outings like Cinema, Bowling, stage shows etc.

We do have 4 monthly carer’s group meetings where parents/carers are shown the service user’s work. They are encouraged to raise any concerns.

Aapna services proudly provides the weekends and evening respite for the carers. We do have fully furnished 2 bed flat with kitchen toilet and living room and can provide 1.1 service with trained staff.

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